ODX server - Filter rows based on substring of column

  • 27 May 2024
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I am using ODX server 20.10.47. I would like to limit the amount of records loaded by implementing following filtering rule on column [perakt] among others:

LEFT ([perakt],2) > 20

I am trying to achieve this in following way using “Filter Rows” options on data source but it does not work:

Also if i click OK and load the data, the 2 upper filters are not applied, just because the 3rd filter does not work.

Are there any ways of achieving this through “Filter rows” functionality? Or the only option is to create a custom query table?

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Hi @gediminas.juskenas ,

you cannot run SQL expressions in those filter fields. If you want to do something like that you would need to implement a query table that contains an extra column with the left and then filter on the result.