Rename table from REST API

  • 25 March 2024
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We have a REST API that we use to connect to several endpoints. 

The default name of all the tables is: REST.Jsondata. This causes issues in our Azure Gen2 datalake. It gives an error saying the table name is already in use by a table with a different ID.

I almost feel like there must be some really easy way to rename the table name before it lands in the Gen2 datalake but so far I haven’t been able to figure out how.

The workaround I use now is to use a QueryTable but that is not the nicest way to do it I guess. 


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Hi @Marcodenijs ,

If you enable the generation of RSD files, as discussed in this article:

You can rename the generated RSD files, the name of the file is the name of the table in the ODX.

After renaming the RSD files, it is important to synchronize the data source. 

Hey @bas.hopstaken 

Thanks! I was hoping for a way to do this ‘within’ timextender without diddling with RSD files or anything but if this is the way then i’ll do it this way.