Source in ODX Shows no error.

Because of another unrelated issue, I have discovered that the service account does not have acces to a certain folder where my source files are in. 

However, if I go to edit data source → Test Connection. It says it is connected successfully. 

If I go to the query tool to check my source, I get an error. Acces denied. 

And if run the sync/transfer tasks, I get a warning saying:

The view [CSV].[AggregatedFiles] has no columns.
The view is ignored

And if I run this source in a job, from an Execution. I get no error/warning at all. How is this supposed to work? 



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Hi @Marcodenijs 

I believe you get this error when you run your service as Local System.

Also it may happen if some file is stored in %APPDATA% something. It will not know where to look when it is running as local system, it doesn’t have a roaming profile.

That would explain! I am running things as Local System at the moment because there appears to be an issue with the service account that is supposed to run this. Thanks for clearing this up!