TimeZone differences for DSA exexution logs vs ODX.

  • 9 August 2023
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Our machine runs in UTC+2.00, whilst our Azure databases (by default) run on UTC time. Now when we schedule an ODX Transfer task, the interface let's us schedule these tasks in UTC time. The Execution logs of a transfer task are also in UTC time. 

However, schedules for execution packages are in local time, UTC 2.00, and therefore there logs are also in UTC 2.00. 


I guess my question is, why is this the case? 

Both the ODX & Execution service are services on the same machine with UTC 2.00. 
Both the ODX as well as the MDW and the project repo are azure db's in UTC. 


Why would one use the machine time and the other the azure db timezone? And is there a way to make them the same other than resetting the machine time to UTC?


Version 20.10.37


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3 replies

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Hi @sierd.zuiderveld 

Please see and upvote this idea

In the new version of TimeXtender (i.e. 6346.1) the ODX tasks and execution packages are both scheduled using jobs and both scheduled in UTC.

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Hey @Christian Hauggaard , 

Sure! I am just trying to understand the architecture, I don't understand why one service uses the db timezone whilst the other service would use the VM. 

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@sierd.zuiderveld  These two scheduling aspects of the software were designed at different times with different needs taken into account. I'm not sure why it was done this way, however the intention has always been to unify them, which we have done in the new version of TimeXtender.  As a workaround, please try to set the system time of the server hosting your scheduling service to UTC.