Transfer task doesnt work - sql database - doesnt show any table in ODX select table

  • 25 March 2024
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Hello Guys. I tried to select table from ODX but it deosnt show none (except once query table).

the transfer task work fine (it show succefull) but once I triy to select table in order to send them to the datawerhouse I show nothing.- even if it work fine when I use query tool.


Any suggestion please? thanks

@Thomas Lind 




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5 replies

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Hi @majeddig 

can you please share a screenshots of:

  1. the tables that are selected on the data source level


  2. the tables that are selected on the transfer task

Also please try to close TimeXtender and restart the application to see if the problem persists



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Hi @majeddig,

A possible reason could be that you have made table selections in either the synchronize or transfer task.

Have you made any selections in the Synchronize task? You can check this by right clicking the data source and click “Select tables...”. If you want to synchronize all tables in the source, you set that here:

You can also make table selections on the transfer task:

Have you made any selections there?


Hello @Christian Hauggaard ,

Honestly I cant see the select table at data source table


Also in seelct table at task level it show only this:


 when *I use query tool it work fine

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Which settings can you see if you click on “Select Tables...” highlighted in yellow? 


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Hi @majeddig please let us know if you are able to select tables now