Client certificate in REST request

  • 9 January 2024
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I have a question about our REST API. We need to implement client certificates, similar to here in Postman:

Is this possible with the new REST provider? 

If not, what are the steps to do it with the old one?


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4 replies

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Hi @sierd.zuiderveld,

Good question, I am also wondering if you can manage certificates in the new TimeXtender REST connector.

If you want to try it out in the CData REST Provider, then you could probably configure it under the SSL Section:


The details are found in CData’s documentation:

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Hi @sierd.zuiderveld @pontus.berglund the new TimeXtender REST data source does not yet support client certificates, please feel free to submit a product idea for this

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Hi @sierd.zuiderveld 

A follow up question - is there a customer policy that they must use client certificates to connect to REST APIs or is this a preference for the given API? If so could you please share the reasons behind this decision as opposed to use of other authentication methods

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@sierd.zuiderveld we have a setup similar to yours. Have you been able to get this working with the CData Rest provider like @pontus.berglund mentioned?

We need to use the SSLClientCertType ‘PFXFILE’ but not really sure what we should point to in the SSLClientCert setting. CData mentions “When the certificate store type is PFXFile, this property must be set to the name of the file. When the type is PFXBlob, the property must be set to the binary contents of a PFX file (for example, PKCS12 certificate store).” Does this imply the complete path to the file (e.g. D:\Data\Key.pfx)?

Would love to hear more about your setup!