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  • 23 January 2024
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Hi all, I have an api which is connecting to a restlet endpoint. trying to get this in timextender but I'm getting errors all the time. to set this up in Postman I have added a screenshot of the values i'm adding to my call, which is then added as a header to the call (see header png).

Transferring this to TX gives me a 403 forbidden. I'm thinking this is because of encoding or the HMAC signing. But I have tried a lot of things but not getting the call through.


Any suggestions as to how I can add a restlet with Oauth1.0?


If more information is needed please let me know





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8 replies

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Hi @dpjat 

What happens when you run this, do you receive a bearer token or similar?

I mean how do you use the result of the OAuth 1 procedure.

Does it expire after a while?

Hi Thomas,

I don't receive a token. With the information provided i'm able to run a call (in postman). it results in an object/array



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The authorization header, does it always look the same then?


I mean if you set up the connection with a custom header that is

Authorization=<oauth values>

Then it could work.

I'm doing that, thats when I get JSON something.

Now I checked it and in Postman it looks like its returning html, but if I add content type JSON in postman it will return the right format (JSON).

Adding this to TX and it won't work.


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I would like to try it out myself. Is that possible?

You can send the info to me in a private message.

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Hi @dpjat 

Can you add the resolution you found with CData so we can close this.

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Hi @dpjat can you please provide an update on this? Thanks! 

Hi Everyone, 


Unfortunatly we don't have a solution yet. Cdata stated they will see if they can improve the connector by adding support for “realm” parameter.