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  • 4 January 2018
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 Need to connect to someone with the experience of using Theobald connector in TX.  Seems like the only connection options I get are Z_XTRACT_IS_TABLE and Z_XTRACT_IS_TABLE_COMPRESSION, which implies that TX is only using the Xtract_IS_Table connector.

What if I want to use other Theobald connectors, such as Xtract_IS_OHS, Xtract_IS_BW_Loader or Xtract_IS_Report?


Best answer by Jacob.Ross.Andersen 4 January 2018, 15:55

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Hi Sigurður

The built-in SAP Table Adapter in DH is only using the Xtract_IS_Table SSIS component from Theobald (under the hood). If you want to use the others, then I recommend you create tables in DH, then customize code and create an SSIS package. There you have access to the full Theobald Xtract_IS and able to map it to the destination table already defined in DH. Alternatively, you can also create custom tables with no fields and simply use the table object as an empty host that runs the underlying SSIS package. Finally, you can also add existing SSIS packages built outside DH to a table object... but it seems to be a lot easier to make it work by creating package from inside DH.

The prerequisites is to add SSDT (SQL Server Data Tools) as an editor before you customize code.

I've added a few screenshots to highlight the moving parts.

Feel free to reply if you need further assistance.