Calculation Groups

  • 8 January 2024
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Calculation Groups
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Released in TimeXtender 6505.1

Use Calculation Groups to speed up development of measures in Power BI and Tabular endpoints for Semantic Model instances. This is particularly useful for time intelligence measures, for example simply create one Calculation Group Item to calculate the last year values for all other measures. For more information on Calculation Groups, see the following documentation:


Calculation Groups are only visible in the when Tabular and/or Power BI Premium are selected in the the model. To setup Calculation Groups:

  1. Right-click on the Semantic Model and select Edit Semantic Model
  2. Ensure that Tabular and/or Power BI Premium are selected

Note: For Tabular it will only be applied on deployment when Deployment Target is set to Automatic or Universal and the target Analysis Services is version 2019 or above

Adding Calculation Groups

  1. Add measures to be used in Calculation Group Items
  2. Right-click on Calculation Groups in the Semantic Model and select Add Calculation Group
  3. Provide a name for the Calculation Group and click OK
  4. Right-click on the Calculation Group and click Add Item
  5. Create an Item by following the steps below:
    • Select the relevant endpoint
    • Enter the formula in the Script section
    • Map the necessary parameters
    • Click OK
  6. Deploy and execute the Semantic Model

Columns within Calculation Groups

A calculation group will by default be set up with two columns. One column with the same name as the calculation group and an Ordinal column. The Ordinal column is hidden by default. The Ordinal column is used to order the items in the calculation group. Ordering of items is determined by the order set in the Semantic Model

Using Calculation Groups in Perspectives

Calculation Groups can be part of SSAS Perspectives. The Calculation Group precedence is calculated from the order of the Calculation Groups within the Semantic Model instance. Calculation Groups can be reordered within the Semantic Model instance using drag-and-drop.

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It’s nice but you are setting only the property “Expression” for the Calculation Groups Items.

You must include the property “Format String Expression”:

It must be a DAX expression too.