How to manage measures in different SSLs

  • 29 November 2023
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Hi all,

what’s best practice regarding organizing/reusing measures in SSLs?

In my example the customers uses a power bi endpoint and has created a set of measures used by users in power bi. Lets say these are financial measures. A few question regarding best pratice have now popped up:

  1. We want to reuse these measures in a different SSL. For example we have SSL for the financial department and one for the board of managers. We don’t want to duplicate the measures, because it makes it hard to keep them up to date. Is there a way to “copy”  measures from one SSL to another or to reference measures from a different SSL?
  2. We want to “categorize” the measures. So lets say we have financial measures as well as logistics measures. Once we get to a significant amuount of measures, it’s hard to keep track of them. Is there a way to prefix them, add categories of something similar? We had the idea of creating empty “measure” tables in the MDW with a separate “Measure”-Database-Schema. But this also creates a lot of overhead and doesn’t really help with question 1
  3. Whats everyones favourite editor (and workflow) for developing custom measures? The editor in TimeXtender doesn’t have syntax highlighting, autocomplete or similar QoL features.


Thanks for all your input! :)




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Hi @KaiMueller 

  1. Referencing/Copying measures to another SSL is currently not supported, please feel free to upvote and add comments to the following idea:


  2. Have you tried using the Display Folders feature? Right-click on the SSL table and select Display Folders, then add a display folder and provide a name for the folder, and select the measures you would like to add to this folder

    In Power BI the measures will then be displayed within folders


  3. If you are using a Tabular endpoint for your instance, you can connect to this endpoint using Power BI and then develop the custom measures in Power BI, and copy them back into TimeXtender. I believe DAX studio is also a popular option for developing custom measures.
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Tabular Editor is also an option. You can develop custom measures and other DAX stuff and then copy back to TimeXtender (manually). Version 2 is free.


Thanks for your suggestions! I will try the Tabular Editor.