Is there any easy way to change the source instance for an SSL after copying?

  • 28 August 2023
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We have different instances for the development, test and production environments at a customer. Both MDW and SSL.
After copying the instances from one environment to another, it would be nice if you could easily switch source for the target SSL to the MDW in the same environment. Under Synchronize with remapping, one must change the instance, data area, schema and table for each table in the model. it would have been smoother if you could switch instances for the entire model with one change.
The easiest would have been if you could choose whether these settings in an SSL should be overwritten or not when copying.



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3 replies

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Yes it’s really amazing, I remeber to read that it will be changed in the portal in a next release.

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Nice, let’s hope the next release is around the corner 😊

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Here it’s: