REST API Web Server as Azure Web App

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In TimeXtender Portal under Data Estate → REST API web servers, the description suggest that you can install the web server as an Azure Web App.


When you run the installer, it tells you that you need IIS and ASP.NET Core. This indicates an install procedure for running the REST Web Server on a VM.

What is needed to set up the TX REST Web Server as an Azure Web App?




Best answer by Christian Hauggaard 15 May 2024, 14:56

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does anyone have more information on this? I would like to be able to architect a solution making use of as much PaaS and serverless resources as possible, but would prefer documentation instead of discovering it myself if possible.

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Hi @rory.smith @erik.van.mastrigt 

The text has now been updated as setting up the TX REST Web Server as an Azure Web App has not yet been tested


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Hi @Christian Hauggaard ok, thanks!

We’re looking forward to the Azure Web App compatible version :)