Semantic layer (Analysis services) remove unused dimension values from endpoint

  • 19 September 2023
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Hello, i use Semantic layer as an endpoint to analyze the data through Microsoft Excel. In my model i have Calendar table (auto generated by TX) which dates from 2015 up to 2030. Fact in my dataset has values only up to year 2026.

When i open analysis services endpoint through Excel and want to filter values based on Calendar, i can see the empty row in filter. I assume this is due to the reason that Calendar dimension has values up until 2030, and the fact - up until 2026:

Is there anyway to not show empty values coming from dimensions (that do not have matches within the fact) in the analysis services from semantic layer?




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3 replies

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Dear @gediminas.juskenas 


In the semantic layer table you can set a filter. Use a subquery to filter the calander table to only contain values which are in your fact table like so:







Hope this helps

= Daniel

Worked like a charm :) Only a small thing - “WHERE” was not needed, at least on my version of TX. Just put [DateValue] IN <...> and it did the job. Thanks a lot!

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Thanks! I've updated the image so the next person who looks at this will have to correct image.