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  • 19 July 2023
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We are facing an issue with one of our clients in which we built out a UAT environment to promote proper development but have come across an issue where we have a fully built TX Semantic Layer on the production environment, but we do not have it built out for the TX UAT environment. The reason behind this was because the test Qlik Sense environment was not available initially, and we could not successfully execute packages on the TX uat environment, so we decided to work without it on TX uat.


Now that we have an operational test Qlik Sense environment, we want to export the semantic layer from TX production to TX uat environment. Is there a way for us to do this in TimeXtender? We are trying to avoid large amount of manual work to build this out on the TX uat environment and we dont want to export project from Prod to UAT as that will override all our work in UAT environment.


Prod TX Semantic Layer

UAT TX Semantic Layer




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H @amartinez ,

I don't think there is a practical way to achieve that that avoids risk. There is no merging of projects possible after all. Depending on your release cycles, it may be best to freeze development and push to prod so that you can then export prod back to uat and continue on from there.

If it is not a pressing issue, you can also wait for the upgrade tool and migrate to the new release as this decouples instances from each other.

Note that there are a couple of different approaches to setting up your environments that would have avoided the tight corner you are in.


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Hello @amartinez ,

To me you have two options right know.

  1. Rebuild the Semantic layer on how it in production is. This will take some work and might introduce some other issues (small mistakes can be made)
  2. take a full export from PROD and import this in DEV and release to ACC. This will make you lose the development work that you already did, which also may result is (lots) of more work.

Hope this helps

= Daniel

Hi Team,

Thank you so much on your responses. Agree with both post and that the only way to move forward would be to build the semantic layer on TX UAT and then push out to TX Prod. Unfortunately this is what happens we start backwards by developing in Prod and then pivoting to UAT. Everything should be done in Dev environment and pushed to Prod. 


Thank you all for the great feedback!