Customer Success Story: Waternet

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In 2022, Waternet, a large water organization in the Netherlands, sought a new way to manage their data warehouse and phase out DDM Studio. Their goal was to improve the speed of building data models, connecting to their sources, and maintaining ease of use while keeping costs low. They also wanted a solution that was future-proof, with the capability to migrate to SaaS after rebuilding the old data warehouse.

Already using the Azure data platform, they needed tools compatible with this platform. Wortell Smart, together with Waternet, concluded that TimeXtender was the best option for their needs.

Since implementing TimeXtender at Waternet, we have achieved significant results:

  1. Trained 12 people in TimeXtender, enabling everyone to take over each other’s work instead of only three people building everything on the ETL side.
  2. Maintained their data platform with more ease.
  3. Experienced fewer scheduling issues.
  4. Delivered new requests to the business in days or weeks instead of months.
  5. Increased overall efficiency and productivity.

In short, TimeXtender empowered the entire team to build data models, significantly increasing efficiency and reducing dependency on a few individuals. The business is more satisfied due to shorter waiting times for new data requests. Waternet is now preparing to migrate to TimeXtender SaaS and implement new Power BI functions.

By choosing TimeXtender, Waternet not only modernized their data management approach but also ensured a scalable and future-ready solution, leading to greater operational efficiency, business satisfaction, and reduced operational costs. This strategic implementation has positioned Waternet for continued success and innovation in the future.

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