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  • 3 April 2024
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Air Atlanta, Icelandic, is one of the largest ACMI (aircraft, crew, maintenance, and insurance) service providers in the world with almost 20 planes and 1400 employees. They offer tailor-made solutions to other carriers, both in the passenger and cargo industry.

The Challenge

Like others in this industry, Air Atlanta must ensure that the aircraft is fully utilized and every extra hour of AOG (aircraft on the ground) is expensive. Sigrún Inga Kristinsdóttir, Administrator of Trax MRO (maintenance, repair, and overhaul) system, explains:

“When we remove parts from aircraft and send them for repair, too often they would be registered incorrectly in our systems. When the serviceable part was needed again, we wouldn’t know its status, causing unnecessary delays and costs. The key to solving these issues was better data quality. So, we decided to implement exMon.”

The Solution

Our main goal was to decrease costs resulting from bad data in our Trax maintenance system. We set up exMon quality checks looking for overdue repair orders, overdue purchases and checks making sure rotatable parts are processed correctly. These checks had an instant improvement in quality, with better usage of our parts and a lot less rework for our employees.

Next up was our scheduling process.

We now use exMon to monitor our minimum guarantee hours (MGH) contracts to make sure we are using our aircraft effectively. This has reduced our costs considerably. Furthermore, we make sure that our aircraft is not scheduled to land at specific airports, for legal or contractual reasons. exMon ensures that this does not happen - further saving time and cost.

The Benefits

Sigrun says:

These efforts have saved us a considerable amount of rework and have made sure our aircraft are fully utilized. We regularly get feedback from our vendors and customers on how good our data is. We are continuously adding new data quality checks to improve our processes even more”. Sigrún adds: “Furthermore, our internal users have been very positive with these changes and we keep getting requests for new checks.”


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