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  • 12 April 2023
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Are there any best practices regarding the management of rsd files (and the like) in a multiple developer / multiple environments setting. We are currently manually distributing the files, and considering linking the locations to a git controlled repo to have some sort of control, but we do not want to complicate things if it is not necessary.

Note: Using legacy version


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Hi Martin

The RSD files are stored in a specified folder in the location field in the schema section.

If you wanted to be sure all changes are kept, it may be an idea to do so with a tool able to control that.

If you run with multiple environments, you could have unique folders for each environment, so a file can be changed without affecting production. However, you will still need to manually move the files from one folder to the other. If you have a tool that can control that it could be a good idea to use it if you do a lot of changes to your files.

In my experience however, once they work as expected development on a single file usually stops.