Migrate datalake from BU to ODX

  • 10 July 2023
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Hi, we are migrating a datalake from Business Units to ODX.  I want to do some QA to ensure:  1. all tables have been remapped, 2. All columns are present.  3.  All Data types reconcile.  4.  Number of table rows matches.  Is there a recommended automated way to do this?


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@KathyBespoke I don’t know of an automated way to do this, but in addition you could check the article below which shows how you can compare the contents of records between tables or complete tables using the checksum function:

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If you are planning to migrate to the new release, you may want to wait for the migration tool to become available.

If you are migrating inside 20.10.x you can use View > Uneven Mappings to check that  each field in your DWH has a valid mapping from both BU and ODX while you are working on the migration. The functionality will highlight fields with only one mapping. Once you see that all fields are mapped from ODX you can drop the BU mapping from the DWH table.


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Hey @KathyBespoke ,
What I did for a client is already migrating from the BU to ODX server to be ready for the upgrade. The BU is gone anyway and I don't believe that the migration tool will accomodate for that.

So I installed the ODX server, hooked it up to TimeXtender. Set all the tables I needed and then Smart Synchronize them with the old BU tables in my next (DSA) layer. Then ofcource delete the old BU table from the mappings. This worked like a charm.

Hope this helps

= Daniel

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Hi both,

the migration tool will support BU → new release ODX (at least from what I have seen). As there are some differences between the BU and ODX that you need to take care, it is useful to at least check where the problem areas might be.

Thanks for the comments.  I will pass on to our team and confirm back the approach we are taking.