How to update a Table Insert when the view it's based on has changed?

  • 9 May 2023
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I can’t find a way to update my table with the new field [Color] that has been added to the view the table insert is based on.


Any suggestions?




Best answer by rory.smith 9 May 2023, 17:22

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2 replies

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Hi @anders.e.jonsson ,


I think the mapping rows you can set in the table insert are determined by the fields in the target table. There is no way to synch the view to the table and expand the table insert automatically. If you add the Color field to the ProductFromView table, you can specify the view field to map it from by editing the Table Insert.

While you can generate Relations and Conditional Lookups from a view to a table, you cannot add a Data Movement or auto-sync a Table Insert. Would be a nice idea though...

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Thanks @rory.smith 

That worked like charm!

But, as you say, it would be nice if it was possible to drag the new field from the view, and drop it on the Table Insert 😀.