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  • 12 February 2024
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In one of our projects we are adding descriptions to every column in a table and we want to be able to get this data querying the database.

However, we can’t find a good place in the repository where the description is stored on a column level and how to effectively exctract this data. 

Looking at the [TxObjectDescriptions] table in the repository there is a column called Description that is a long string. This string includes the description we added to the field, however it also has alot of other data. On top of this, the string seems to have different structures from case to case and I can’t find a good way to always get the value we need.

Does anyone have a good way to get this data or knows if there is data saved in another place in a better format?

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Hi @Victor 

You will need to split out the text part from the fields. I got a project where I do this, perhaps you can rework it to work for your description field.