adding user with a '-' in domain

hi all,


i’d like to add an user with a ‘-’ in their domain, it gives me an error in request. how can we create a go around for this?


it can also have to do something with an alias they are using, they have an alias that is not sending them an email, but how can they get access to the portal then?


Best answer by Christian Hauggaard 3 May 2023, 11:47

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Hi @VictorVink thanks for reporting this. This looks like a bug, I will open a support ticket. Please see this article for more information on when to submit a support ticket and when to post a question in the community. 

he thanks Christian, 

Im  a bit futher in the testing, and noticed that i can add people with the ‘-’ but it just has to do with the specific name. I can’t give it here of course.

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@VictorVink Thanks, I also noticed this. I have forwarded the issue to our product team and will keep you posted in the support ticket.