Job waiting for running job to finish?

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 Ik have one job running and then started a second job manually.

However for some reason the second jobs keep waiting.

The both run on the same execution server but why does not it start a second job. Is there a setting which prevents the second job from starting or happens this only if you start multiple jobs manually?




Best answer by Christian Hauggaard 2 July 2024, 15:35

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Hi @Roy V 

Currently a VM running the execution service can only run one MDW/SSL job at a given point in time. If you have multiple MDW/SSL execution servers, each with different instances selected in the Execution Server Configuration tool, then multiple MDW/SSL jobs can run concurrently.

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Hi Christian, 
Thanks for the answer.

In the legacy version you could have concurrent executions so more executions could run simultaneously. 

Do you know it is on the wishlist to be made possible ?