Running Job execution not visible in Job Execution Log

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I’m in version 6590.1

I manually started a job. However when I look in the execution log from that job I don’t see an active running job.
If I look at the executions then I can see in that log that an execution is runnning.

What do I need to do to be able to see the current running job or is it a bug that running jobs are not visible? (then the status ‘Running’  which you can toggle does not make much sense in the ‘view execution log’  window).

greetings, Roy


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I’ve detected that problem too, for me it’s a bug.

Same here, and also:

The execution log of my data sources tasks (sync/transfer/storage) is empty. While they are triggered every day in a ‘enable data on demand’ execution. Not sure if those logs are emtpy for you aswell?

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Hi @Marcodenijs ,

on-demand loads do not have tasks for their load but can be found in the logging of the target table in DWH as ODX transfer steps and in the ODX Server as Outbound (transfer) of the OnDemand execution type. Essentially the ODX runs “on the fly” reloads of any ODX tables mapped to the items you execute in a DWH instance that have on-demand sources.


I agree that not being able to see a Job is running is very impractical. Especially if different types of activity require looking in different places.

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@Roy V can you see the the job with execution state “running” in the Job monitor? 


I have been able to reproduce the issue you describe regarding the Running filter/toggle in the job execution log and have passed this onto the product team, please check upcoming release notes for a fix.

@rory.smith Even though really impractical I get it. But the question remains, how am I supposed to know/be warned that something is wrong with my job then? 

As described Source in ODX Shows no error. | Community ( here, I can have a fully functional execution showing me no errors at all while the source is not working/giving me any daya. 

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Hi @Marcodenijs ,

I suspect that the Jobs API also does not give you this info - In my opinion an error, but may be good to post an idea just in case.