How to create one central ODX fot both Test and Production environment

  • 13 May 2020
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I have a separate Test and Production environment. Currently each environment has its own ODX database. But some cloud API source systems charge euros for loading records through an API connection. I’m therefor checking how I can limit the data transaction on the source systems. Also we only use production data in Pest and Production. Since we use Azure I don't want to load all the production data twice.

One way is to use 1 shared ODX for both Test and Production. Then I only have to load the source data ones.

I can think of the following options:

1. Use the ODX server

I've tested the ODX server but I can't use historic tables and incremental loads don't work on most API connections. I also encountered limitations on a firebird SQL data source. So the ODX server doesn't seem like a workable solution

2. Use an external ODX business unit

A external business unit works. But how can I use a single external ODX for both Test and Production as these environments run on different project repositories? It seems I can only connect to an external ODX if its on the same repository.

are there other options to implement a single ODX for Test and Production?



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Hi Coen, Thanks for posting. 

Our recommended approach for this would be the ODX Server as it was designed from the ground up with these requirements in mind: 1. Work across multiple environments without duplicating data and 2. can schedule loads according the requirements of each individual source system. 

If you have issues with specific data sources, I would encourage you to work with your assigned solution specialist who can report these issues to our development team for improvements.