Multiple environments, different load settings

I have a question about multi environments and transferring.  

In addition to production, we have set up a development and test environment in TimeXtender with separate databases. This all works great.

However, we want to work with a limited set of data in the development environment. We don't want to constantly have to wait for an execution in the development environment. We also do not want the test and development environment to fill up the hard disk too much.

Now the question: is it possible to use a filter (for example load all data from last 30 days) in the development environment (in stead of incremental load) and to continue to use it incrementally load in the test and production environment? The filter should not overwrite the incremental setting during a transfer!

So we want transferring data from different environments with different load settings.


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Hi Patrick, Thanks for posting. 

Here is a solution that is commonly used:

Hi Joseph,

Thank you for your answer. Very helpfull. 

But I have an additional question. 

In the production environment we have an incremental load from a timestamp minus 3600000. to get the last hour (I think). 

We have copied this environment to the development environment en I have succesfully set up the project variable. 

Now I want to delete the incremental rule in the development and in the production I want to add an usage condition for the incremental rule. 

But the last one is not an option (see screenshot). How to solve this?

Thanks in advance.



Hi Patric.

The usage condition is not set on the incremental rule but on the custom rule - as this actually is performing the incremental control.

And be care full, what you have set up at the moment is :

Select * where OBCONO = 1 (A)

Select * where OBLMDT > [30 days ago] (B)

Which will give you all rows where OBCONO = 1 + all rows where OBLMDT > [30 days ago]

Place the rules on the same line and they will function as AND


Sorry you still need to have the incremental rule, you just can't specify which environment which just means both;-}



Hi Jens,


What is TimeXtender doing in the Production and wahat in the Development environment referring to your screenshot? In other words will development have 30 days data and production the incremental rule data according to your settings in your screenshot?

What I actually want is still incremental load for Production and a Full load for development with an filter for the last 30 days? 

Is this possible at all? 

The incremental rule will always be the same for development and production.

You can do selection rules depending on env.

If you want to do full load you can change the content of the _I or _INCR table in a custom step and within this test on the content of your env variable and use this to decide what to update in the _I or _INCR table.

Part of the custom script: Update IncrTable

CASE [Env]='DEV'


I have made a script to delete records older than 30 days in the development table and set it up to post execution script. 

How can I select the environment in the script so it will only execute in the development environment. 

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Hi Patrick, The linked article I posted in the comment above explains in detail how to create a project variable & usage condition on how to make your data selection rules "environment specific".

Hi Patrick.

In the script you have access to your Project Variables (right side of the screen dump)  - just drag it into your script and you could create a script looking something like this ...