Use tables from one project in another project (from the same database)

We have multiple TimeXtender projects that use the same databases for their ODX/DSA/MDWs.

What is the best way to use tables from one project in another one of the other projects? "Add External SQL Connection" seems to be an option, should this still be used if the table we want to connect to is in the same database?


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Hi Mark, Thanks for posting. 

Yes, External SQL Connection is absolutely the best option. If they are in the same db, this option will simply create views making it very efficient. 

Just a tip If you are taking this approach. I'd highly recommend using different schemas in your different projects to prevent table naming collisions. 

If I understand correctly External SQL Connections are not available anymore in 6xxx (External SQL Connections | Community ( ). 

So what’s the best way to tackle this in the new version?