adding excel files from different sharepoint subsites

  • 6 July 2023
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I've been trying to add new excel file from a new sharepoint group from the same company link to the same ODX server by using CData connector. Is there any setting to add both sharepoint links or make it visible? Now, I can only see the link with group1.

sharepoint page examples;



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I am not able to open the links in your post as I get prompted to sign-in and may not have access.

However, it may be that you need to create a second SharePoint data source for the other group2. The following instructions are from the XPilot and outline how that may be done for your example.

1. Open the TimeXtender interface and navigate to the Data Sources section.
2. Locate the existing SharePoint link that you can currently see (group1) and click on it to open the settings.
3. In the settings, look for the "Connection" area and find the URI field.
4. In the URI field, you will see the current SharePoint link that is connected. Copy the entire URI.
5. Open a text editor or a notepad and paste the URI there for reference.
6. Now, go back to the TimeXtender interface and click on the "Add New" button to create a new data source.
7. In the new data source settings, navigate to the "Connection" area and find the URI field.
8. Paste the URI that you copied from the previous SharePoint link into the URI field of the new data source.
9. Modify the URI to include the SharePoint link for the new group that you want to connect to. (group2)
10. Save the settings for the new data source.
11. Now, you should be able to see both SharePoint links (group1 and the new group) in the Data Sources section of TimeXtender.

You can read more about this here:


Hi @Greg Lennox ,

thanks for the reply. I was curious if its allowed to add both URLs to one data source connection.

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If you want to connect to multiple excel files in any location you need to use the Excel Online provider.

If you want to connect to one file, you can do so in the normal Excel provider.

Based on that connecting to a SharePoint file using REST requires you to use an APP which will be explained in the Excel Online part and then the following query in the URI field.

Auth Scheme=OAuth;Initiate OAuth=REFRESH;OAuth Client Id=<Client Id code>;OAuth Client Secret=<client secret code>;OAuth Version=2.0;URI=sprest://Product/Engineering/TestData/EvilWorkBook.xlsx

You do not need to specify what SharePoint server to look at as this is handled by the Authorize OAuth command.

If you want to connect to a specific site as you want, you need to add the site

In the Storage Base URL field.

So that means that if you want to connect to all the files in both sites, you can use one Excel Online provider where you do not specify any site, but to make it faster I would create two Excel Online providers that point to one of the sites.

Lastly there also is a specific Sharepoint Excel provider, but it also only connects to one file. This works better for connecting to old sharepoint servers as it doesn’t require you to use OAuth to gain connections.