New field not available from ODX, in the data movement.

  • 4 September 2023
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New fields from source are not showing in the Data Movement pane.

New fields are added to the source database, the new fields and data are in the ODX, I can see the new fields in the parquet files, but the fields are not showing in the Data Movement pane.

I have tried to run the function in ODX “Synchronize Object”
I have tried to run the “Synchronize” task in the odx

I’m Running Timextender Version 6346.1


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8 replies

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@gislihei Try to sync instances with the toolbar icon...

is there any other sync function, I was using this, ODX - “Synchronize Objects”


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@gislihei Try this:



that does not help, the new field does not show up in the data movement pane.

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@gislihei Have you tried to close the instance and open again?

It’s seems very strange

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Are the new fields flow fields? or are you including/excluding certain fields/tables/schema in the synch/transfer?

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If your setup is made to be specific tables and your execution task as well, then it will not add the new field in the list of available fields when you synchronize. Check the task and the table select rules to see if that is the case.

@Thomas Lind 
I was wrong regarding the fields was in the parquet file in ODX,
I was missing the step adding the fields in the ODX, in the datasource setup - “Select Tables”
there is a option to Add all fields.

when I used this function, the fields finally show up in the Data Movement pane.