Exmon Release 24.2

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We are excited to bring you the Exmon 24.2 release with new features and improvements. 


This release introduces unified Auth0 login for Exmon and TimeXtender, enhancing user convenience. We've also added custom webhook notifications for seamless data integration and resolved various bugs across Data Quality and Master Data Management.

In this article, you will read about:


Unified Login across all Products

We are excited to announce that Exmon and TimeXtender will now use the same authentication methods via Auth0. This means users can utilize their TimeXtender passwords for all new versions of Exmon. This update aims to simplify the login process and enhance user convenience across our products.


  • Unified Authentication: Use the same Auth0 credentials for both Exmon and TimeXtender.
  • Enhanced User Experience: Streamline access to multiple products with consistent login credentials.
  • Improved Security: Consistent authentication methods across platforms.

Turnkey & Data Quality (DG)

Custom Webhook Notifications

We are excited to introduce a new feature that allows users to create data in external systems through webhooks whenever exceptions occur in our platform. This enhancement aims to provide more flexibility and automation for integrating our system with other tools and services.

Key benefits include:

  • Seamless Data Transfer: Automatically send exception data to external applications in real-time.
  • Custom Integrations: Easily connect with various third-party tools and systems that support webhooks.
  • Improved Workflow Automation: Reduce manual intervention by automating responses to exceptions and streamlining processes.

For detailed instructions on how to configure Zapier webhooks, please refer to our guide.
Instructions on how to configure webhook notifications for Data Quality, please refer to our documentation
For more details on the updated user interface in Turnkey, please visit here
We hope this new feature enhances your experience and look forward to your feedback.


Bug fixes and smaller improvements 

Data Quality and Orchestration (DG)

  • Users are now, not able to select workspaces as Fabric notebook execution item
  • Tab name for user groups now display the correct type of user/user group
  • Emails generated from tests groups/queries/compare queries now include information to the user about maximum row settings in the emails‘ excel attachment
  • When packages are deleted they are now removed from all processes and object groups where they existed
  • Report created through Gateway data provider can now be displayed in the web portal
  • Support links have been updated to support.timextender.com 
  • User interface for creating an Email notification has been slightly updated
  • Error message has been clarified when user selects invalid data provider for TX packages
  • Exception email columns now follow all column settings configured for the test

Master Data Management (DM)

  • User who didn´t exist in Exmon Master Data Management but is a member of AD group in DM could not login to DM WEB and was not created automatically in DM desktop
  • Icons/logos updated in a few places
  • Database user permissions are visible to the user in settings
  • When selecting a DG task for an action in DM, tasks of different types are not confused when they have the same id
  • User can now be successfully added to a newly created manual group
  • Support links have been updated to support.timextender.com 
  • Actions can execute tasks that belong to the new database schema
  • Creating users with emails not existing before is now working
  • Saving AAD groups without Entra Id‘s displays the correct error message
  • Lookup fields using custom display values where data can be empty are now always displayed correctly
  • Lookup dropdown on the web can now be successfully opened with custom value settings
  • Using special Time format, users had issues opening details about users. This has now been fixed.
  • Values are now aligned to the left in dropdown columns
  • Copied text adjusted in How to connect?
  • User interface in user groups has been adjusted
  • Adding a user to a newly created service is now working as expected
  • Recently used on home page has been fixed for individual users


  • Download links for Gateway and Desktop client have been fixed
  • Validation has been added for data provider name
  • Revert button for rules that have been published has been fixed
  • Column Settings for dataset and rules have been fixed so switching between tabs will not loose the users setting
  • User can now create rules in the automatically created workspace in a new environment
  • When rules are deleted from Turnkey, they are now also removed from the object explorer in DG
  • Percentage format is now shown in execution preview for rules

How to upgrade?

In Master Data Management, users in versions 22.5 and above can complete the upgrade themselves through the Desktop client. See the Guide.

Contact help@exmon.com to upgrade from Exmon 22.4 or below.

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